All About Hollie

Floral Fringe Kimono Fuchsia Heels

Photo by Lauren Bloom Photography

Hello Fancy Followers!

A little bit about me…I have always dreamed of working in fashion..I grew up in Pittsburg, Texas…yes in Texas, not Pennsylvania…it’s a tiny little town in east Texas since most of you probably haven’t heard of it. 😉 Even as a little kiddo, I would pick out my own outfits and would think about fashion 24/7! After leaving Pittsburg, I ended up with a degree in Accounting and an MBA from the University of Texas and working in public accounting. Shortly after that I moved to Dallas for several years and have now relocated back to my hometown to be close to family after finding out I have a baby boy on the way! Baby Ari will be here any day now, so Fashions of Fancy will still be focused on the things it always has been, but with a bit of baby and motherhood sprinkled in. 😉


I started this blog in the late summer of 2015 after constantly having people ask me where I got a specific item I was wearing or hearing people say they loved something I had on but that they “couldn’t pull it off”. That’s when I had an ah-ha! moment and knew this is what I wanted to do. I want to share my outfits and beauty products to show you that you can wear whatever you like regardless of being the size of a model or not. It’s all about the confidence and wearing what truly makes you happy!


I love mixing high end and more affordable pieces to make the perfect outfit and have even branched off into having my own cosmetic line, Glamsicle, and offering styling and makeup services. I hope you enjoy this journey and follow along to see my favorites in fashion and beauty!
Stay Fancy! <3 Hollie