Avril and the Kitty Bar

15 Aug Avril and the Kitty Bar

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Happy Monday everyone! I don’t usually branch off from fashion and beauty too much, but I’m wanting to incorporate more of my home and daily activities into my blog, so with that being said… meet Avril, my rescue kitty of almost 8 years. I went to the Humane Society (now Pets Fur People) 8 years ago knowing that I wanted a long haired black and white kitty.

As you can see below, that is not the description of the fur baby that I ended up with. Instead this sassy and sophisticated little short haired tabby chose me as soon as I walked in the shelter.


Avril has always been very particular about where she will eat, so anytime I move to a new apartment, it’s a task all over again to find the perfect place for her food. I tried the floor, where most people feed their fur babies, but she refused to accept that. She’s a very picky kitty and will sit and meow at something until she gets her way, so after some trial and error, the countertop won the perfect spot.

Most people would probably find it strange to feed their kitty on the kitchen countertop, but I love Avril as much as anyone could love their child, so it works in my house. Although, I do indeed do some serious cleaning each time I cook or prepare food (just so you know!). To make the space a little more decor friendly rather than only having two cat bowls sitting out, I turned my kitchen countertop corner into a Kitty Bar.


Now Avril has her own space to enjoy her food and water equipped with a Kitty Bar sign, fun cat themed graphics, a plant and dinnerware. (martini glasses included!)


Speaking of her food, I recently got her the SHEBA® PERFECT PORTIONS™ Multipack Chicken Entrée and Turkey Entrée Wet Cat Food and SHEBA® Meaty Tender Sticks that are available at Walmart on the pet food aisle. (as seen below)


I was a little skeptical at first because she’s also very picky when it comes to her actual food. However, with real meat, no artificial ingredients and the fact that she is a little overweight, I loved the idea that the SHEBA® PERFECT PORTIONS™ already measure out the perfect serving size. Also,  with a tagline like, SHEBA® WHAT CATS WANT™, I figured it was definitely worth a try!


As soon as I opened the cat food, Avril was on the counter and sniffing it out (she always takes a minute to get acquainted with anything new) and then daintily put her paw in to give it a taste. Avril eats very lady-like and tends to pick up pieces of her food with her paw and eat it as if it were a fork and then washes her paw in her water glass. It’s strange and I have no idea where she learned that from, but I find it to be adorable. (proud kitty mom!)



It wasn’t long after that she decided to go all in and enjoy her new food. Avril seems to enjoy the SHEBA® PERFECT PORTIONS™ chicken flavored food the most. It’s a great way to keep her on track to being healthy and not overeating.


Don’t forget the SHEBA® Meaty Tender Sticks! They are the perfect feline friendly treat to reward your kitties good behavior (or just because!). Many people forget that cats love treats as much as dogs do, so this is a great reminder.

After a good meal, Avril likes to lay in the corner of her new Kitty Bar for relaxation. Apparently it’s tough work being this purr-fect. 😉IMG_1815

You can check this location for great inspiration and more information about the SHEBA® products.



Has your feline fur baby tried the SHEBA® products? If so, how did he/she like them? I’d love to know in the comments.

Stay Fancy! <3 Hollie



  • Courtney Buteau
    Posted at 12:58h, 15 August Reply

    That is seriously the cutest and most special idea. I’m sure your cat appreciate its. It’s also genius because now you don’t have to worry about someone kicking the bowls on the floor and making a mess! 🙂 #client

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