Cheers to 27 Years with 27 Truths

25 Apr Cheers to 27 Years with 27 Truths

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Photography in this post by Lauren Bloom Photography

Graphic Tee: t+j Designs  Skirt: Windsor

Shoes: Vince Camuto (old, similar here)

Dainty Necklace: Audaviv Cuff Bracelet: Audaviv

Small Bracelet: Audaviv Midi Ring: Audaviv 

Use code FASHIONSOFFANCY on all Audaviv purchases for 10% off!

Ring: Alexis Bittar Double Ring: Kendra Scott

Nail Polish: Sally Hansen Balloons: Amazon

It’s my 27th birthday and I’m saying Cheers to 27 years by sharing 27 things below that I have learned over the years, but first about this outfit! Have you checked out the graphic tees at t+j Designs? They have some of the cutest ones I have found and I just knew this birthday girl one would be the perfect top for special day! This skirt was a last minute purchase because I saw it and couldn’t resist. It’s a scuba material and oh so comfortable!

The majority of my jewelry is from Audaviv that I have recently become an Ambassador with and am in love with their pieces. They have the perfect staple pieces that you will wear over and over and work with jewelry designers and brands directly. As an Audaviv Ambassador, my followers are able to get 10% off using code FASHIONSOFFANCY, so shop on! You will never have to think about what piece of jewelry to wear again. 😉

Ok, back to my 27 truths…….

  1. Always be’s nothing new and profound but something we should always remember.
  2. A good attitude makes a world of’s amazing how much better even a bad situation can get if you just have a positive attitude about it.
  3. Champagne is always a good idea..I’m all for celebrating the little things in a life and what better way than with a glass of bubbly!
  4. Adopting a fur baby will change your life for the better
  5. Just buy the shoes…you can always return them later if you change your mind, but once they sell out they are gone forever.
  6. As the fabulous Iris Apfel says, “More is More and Less is a Bore”
  7. Family should always come first.
  8. Have patience..this is one I have to continuously remind myself because I am not a patient person in any way but am working on that. 😉
  9. Follow your dreams and passions because at the end of the day, that is what will truly make you happy.
  10. As my great grandma (Mama) always said..”Pretty is as Pretty Does”
  11. Common courtesy is a must…always be polite and courteous of others.
  12. Appreciate all the little things in life..there are way more of these that occur and if you learn to appreciate them, your life will be more enjoyable.
  13. There is no room in this world for hate…you can disagree with someone, but should always love and respect them.
  14. Always stand up for what you believe in…you can’t force your opinions and views on someone else but should also never be afraid to stand up for what you truly believe.
  15. There is no such thing as failure, just life experiences..if you fail at something..reflect on it, learn from it and try again.
  16. Life is short…eat the slice of cake.
  17. Never look back, always live forward..the past is behind you for a reason..learn from it and keep moving.
  18. Listen to your mom..she is almost always right.
  19. Clean out your closet frequently and donate what you get rid of to a good cause.
  20. Always be a loyal friend and ignore gossip.
  21. Always have a boyfriend (or friend) that can cook if you are like me and don’t know how. 😉
  22. Always send a thank you note – handwritten never goes out of style.
  23. Join a social group and get involved in your community..Love my Circle Seven Five girls! #csfpartygirls
  24. Be careful who you trust..listen to your heart, but always follow your gut instinct.
  25. Being organized will make your life so much easier. (I live for my organizer and sticky notes)
  26. Always be yourself..unless you can be a unicorn, then be a unicorn. 😉
  27. Take lots of photos in all your life experiences..they are the best memories.

Cheers to 27 years and many more!

Stay Fancy! <3 Hollie

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