Nursery Reveal

20 Dec Nursery Reveal

bunny nursery crib chandelier

Ari’s nursery has pretty much been complete for a few month’s now, but I am finally doing the nursery reveal since I added a few things from my baby shower! I chose a rabbit woodland theme throughout the nursery with hints of grey, white and green. Ari is going to grow up an animal lover since we have a mini zoo of our own here and my entire family are huge animal lovers, so I figured this would be a great start for him to love all animals just as much. 😉

crib hug me pillow bunniesari block step stoolbaby boy sign nurserygrey glider chair nursery baby clothes

I love this little corner of the room and can’t wait for Ari to arrive so I can feed and read to him here. This glider chair also rocks and reclines, and is really plush and comfy since I know I’ll spend a lot of time in it. I wanted to find a way to hang and display some of Ari’s clothes (his drawers were getting a bit full already) and I found this hack online to use a towel rod! It’s an inexpensive way that doesn’t take up any space to have a clothing rack for baby. These shelves were already built into the room, so I just added some decor and books. Bear glider rocking chair nurserynursery shelves baby books baby clothesbaby burberry clothesbaby nursery changing table diapers bear

I chose to get the changing table that matches the crib and it seems to have the perfect amount of open shelving for me to add all my diaper changing needs in baskets. Personally, I think baskets look a bit more organized and received this matching 3 piece basket set at my shower that worked perfectly! I also like that this changing pad is waterproof already and wipes clean, so I didn’t have to purchase an extra protector for it, but I did add the cover that matches the crib sheet just to keep the woodland theme going.

diaper bag bunny chest of drawers

Last but not least is this adorable little chest of drawers that seemed boring at first, but I purchased this adorable bunny head drawer pulls that were the perfect addition! I haven’t quite figured out exactly what I’m going to keep on top of this yet (except the hand sanitizer, because that’s a must have!) but for now I have the diaper bag there that I also received at my shower and I can’t get over the quality and how well it will go with any outfit. 😉

freshly picked diaper bag baby book

I hope you enjoyed peeking into Ari’s nursery! As always, thank you so much for reading and be sure to leave a comment if you have any questions or comments.

Stay Fancy! <3 Hollie

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