Smiling Bright with Smile Brilliant

03 Oct Smiling Bright with Smile Brilliant


If you know me at all, then you know mornings must start with caffeine. Sometimes it’s a Coke Zero and sometimes it’s coffee, but regardless it’s a must have for me to get going. The bad part about having that drink every day is the effects it can have on the whiteness of my teeth. I use a whitening toothpaste every day, but they still weren’t quite as white as I would like.

Because giving up the caffeine in the mornings isn’t an option for me, I was thrilled when Smile Brilliant reached out and asked me to review their customized, at-home professional whitening system! I have sensitive teeth, so even though I was excited, I was hesitant at first since I faced severe sensitivity from some drug store brand whitening methods in the past BUT after reading testimonials and learning about their desensitizing gel you can use along with the whitening, I quickly responded with a yes! Not to mention, this package retails for around $119 instead of paying 5x that at your dentist’s office! #win

I thought it was so cool when my first package from Smile Brilliant arrived because they send you everything you need to create a mold of your teeth. After you finish this, you just put them in the provided package to mail back for them to create your custom trays that will fit your teeth perfectly!

A short time later, you receive a separate package with your custom trays and you are ready to begin the whitening process!

Below is a picture of the kit you receive first. I got a little excited and immediately did the mold  of my teeth and mailed them out before realizing I didn’t get a picture.


This picture is from the Smile Brilliant website to give you an idea of what they looked like. 😉


To make your molds, you just take the pod of white and the pod of blue and mix them together until it becomes one color. Evenly distribute the molding materials into the provided trays and place them in your mouth to create your custom trays. For the perfect fit, be sure to press straight up on your top teeth and straight down on your bottom teeth and be sure you don’t slide them around or wiggle the trays as they are molding. If you do, this will cause your custom trays to fit loosely. If you mess up on the first try, no worries, Smile Brilliant has your back and has included an extra!

Once you have your molds done and let them dry, just pop them in the provided envelope (postage is included!) and mail them back. You will receive an email once the molds have been received as well as when your custom trays are on their way to you! I was amazed at how great the customer service was. Jessica has been wonderful at answering any questions that I have had.

You will receive your custom trays along with a little black case for storage or travel to keep them in. There are detailed instructions as well as the syringes of whitening gel in the first package you received. The instructions will walk you through exactly how to apply the product and trays to your teeth as well as the amount of time you should leave them on. You can also see several YouTube videos for more details like this one here.



This is the before picture taken of my teeth where you can see that they could definitely be brighter!


And this is after I have used the product every few days for almost a month!


You can see a huge difference and I am very happy with the results. I do my trays before bed as I am taking a bubble bath or watching my nightly TV shows since it was recommended to do them at night before bed. I will say that it was a bit uncomfortable for me at first being that I wasn’t used to the trays, but after a few uses it bothered me less. I also put too much product on the trays a few times and had some discomfort on my gums, but that was my error by using too much.

The best part is that to maintain these pearly whites…I only have to do a touch up treatment once a month or so if I start to notice any staining. (low maintenance? yes, please!)

The even better part you is that Smile Brilliant is doing an amazing contest right now where you can receive and entire kit for FREE! Click here to enter to win!

Just in case you missed the links above, here is a link to the Smile Brilliant website.

Use code fashionsoffancy at checkout for 5% off your purchase!

Don’t forget to enter to win! 

Stay Fancy! <3 Hollie

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