Staycation at Etta’s Place

03 Nov Staycation at Etta’s Place

Every once in a while, everyone needs a vacation, but sometimes you don’t have the free time to go somewhere far away and just want a quick staycation! Last week, Robyne from Southern Affairs and I hopped in the car and drove to Ft. Worth for a fun girl’s trip. Ft. worth is only about 35 minutes from Dallas, but I recommend it even if you are from further out of town/state.


Etta’s Place

We stayed both nights in Sundance Square at my new favorite spot, c/o Etta’s Place. Etta’s Place is an adorable little bed and breakfast in the middle of downtown and the perfect quiet get away with only 10 rooms. The manager, Leslie, as well as the other ladies that work there are extremely nice and helpful. Even though we both live close to Ft. Worth, we didn’t have the best idea of what we wanted to do while we were there and they were super helpful giving us ideas and letting us in on a few places that most don’t know about.

When we arrived, we pulled up right outside the door to unload our luggage and pressed the buzzer for someone to come down and show us up to our room. The parking garage is less than a block away and only $5 a day! A sweet lady had already taken our luggage to our room before we got back from parking the car.dsc_1974 dsc_1989

The rooms are simple, but very nice and cozy. You immediately feel a sense of relaxation even though you are in the middle of Sundance Square. I also love that the room keys are actual keys with your room number on them. It just gives a sense of being back in time! You can even read the story of Etta’s Place here.

Day 1: Venturing around Sundance Square

We arrived around lunch time, so the first place we searched for was a good food spot. Reata was next door to the bed and breakfast, so we started there. The service was great and the food was delicious. Neither of us are big meat eaters and this is a steak place, but we discovered the vegetable plate. Luckily the waitress let us know that it includes one of every single vegetable that they serve and that it is huge. We weren’t sure that it would really be this large and also ordered a grilled cheese to share. We should have just ordered the veggie plate, because she was not exaggerating. They aren’t joking when they say their entrees are all Texas sized!


After a big lunch, we decided to hang around Etta’s and explore a bit. They have several seating areas indoor/outdoor, a library and a coffee room.

img_2237If you like to read, then this is the place for you or if you are like me and not the biggest fan of sitting still long enough to read a book, then it’s pretty great for photo ops too. 😉img_2165 img_2168

There are just so many little rooms and areas to explore around.


Of course we had to have a picture on the staircase.

I love how they provide a menu to all of the restaurants around so that you can scope out the options before you head out for lunch or dinner.

img_2187 img_2194 img_2205 img_2158

That evening we went out to an underground Jazz bar. We would have never found this place if the sweet ladies at Etta’s hadn’t recommended it to us. It’s hiding in the back of an alley with an elevator that you take down. Sounds a little sketchy, but I promise it’s not! Ft. Worth has police all over the Sundance Square area patrolling at all times. It was so fun grabbing a drink from the bar and sitting back to listen to some great jazz music!

This is the view if you peek down the alley, it took us a few tries to find it since it’s tucked away, but it’s next to the Simply Fondue!


This is the elevator that you see below the sign. Seems a little strange in the middle of an alley, but that made it that much cooler to press the button and venture down to the basement.


We grabbed a drink at the bar and took a seat to listen to the very talented – Straight Ahead – A Blue Note Tribute.

Scat Jazz Lounge

After getting our music fix, we decided to head over to what appears to be your basic lounge/bar, but has a bookcase that opens to a speakeasy if you have the code. We weren’t able to go into the actual speakeasy since they didn’t have it open on the day of the week we were there, but if you are staying Wed-Sat, you should definitely ask the bartender for the code to get in.



I had their “Telling of the Bees” gin cocktail and it did not disappoint!



Day 2: Exploring the Stockyards and Ft. Worth

On our second day, we woke up to a delicious breakfast served in the dining area at Etta’s Place. Leslie, the manager, makes your breakfast upon arrival in the dining area and brings out everything you need. The first day we had ham, scrambled eggs with a side of peppers and onions, an english muffin with jam, granola, strawberry, orange juice and of course coffee!


I have to start my day with some sort of caffeine source, so coffee it was this day!img_2255

I normally drink my coffee black, but couldn’t’ resist the adorable little sugar cubes they had out. (the start of a lot of sugar to come this day)img_2258

After filling up on yummy food, we headed to the Stockyards. I knew we wouldn’t spend much time in this area since neither of us are very into livestock, etc. but we found a lot more than we expected. If you walk further into the stockyards, there are so many little shops and restaurants. We ended up at a candy shop, a place that makes their own olive oil, and even took our picture on a steer. Sounds silly, but when in (Rome) Ft. Worth!?


Fort Worth Stockyards



The Spice & Tea Exchange


Every product available has sample cups out where you can taste test the olive oils, vinegar & coffee. I normally have no interest in products like this, but I tried a jalapeno olive oil that I absolutely loved. I haven’t used it yet, but I the next time we have an Italian night in, I’ll definitely be adding a little balsamic to it to dip my bread in or adding it to my salad. 🙂


Stockyards Olive Oil Co.


This place is filled with any candy you can think of, but we went a little crazy with the salt water taffy. Below is just a tiny section of all the flavors they had.


The Candy Barrel


Dublin Soda

Want a little adventure while you’re in the Stockyards? Try out the maze and see how long it takes you to figure it out!

Cowtown Cattlepen Maze


Love Shack


Meet Maverick the Steer. He may look a bit intimidating, but he was really a sweet guy!

We decided we wanted to try out many different spots on Magnolia Avenue next. There are several cute little shops, bakeries, and ice cream shop and wine bar.

What better way to spend the day than with a little rosé?


Kent & Co Wines



My favorite pie of all time is buttermilk pie and I never see it out anywhere, so that was my pick at this adorable little bakery.


Stir Crazy Bakery

Don’t walk… RUN to Brewed and try their buffalo cauliflower. It was uh-mazing! The lady who seated us recommended it and I’m so glad she did. I would drive the 35 minutes just to eat it again. Delicious!



This place has the best ice cream. I tried the Perfect Pearing flavor that is blue cheese and pear..sounded strange to me at first, but it was so yummy!

How could you not be happy in a place like this!?



That night we decided to just enjoy our room and have a pampering night in. With the Golden Girls on the TV, we snacked on popcorn while doing face masks. We started off in our fun unicorn and giraffe onesies, but it’s not quite cold enough in Texas yet, so we quickly decided the super comfy robes that Etta’s Place provided were a much better option.


I am obsessed with this charcoal mask! It deep cleanses, remove impurities and leaves your skin brighter.

Shop my favorite nightly skincare products below


Every slumber party must have impromptu dance sessions. haha!


Shop these pajamas below

Day 3: Do we have to leave?


On our last day, we woke up for another yummy breakfast with ham, a frittata, raisin toast and strawberries. Check out was at 11 and it definitely came fast, but it was time to head back to Dallas. We had so much fun on our staycation in Ft. Worth. I highly recommend it for a weekend trip or if you just have a few days to get away. Be sure to head over to Etta’s Place for the cutest little bed and breakfast and to chat with sweetest ladies who know all things about Ft. Worth.

A big thank you to Etta’s Place for providing a wonderful place to stay and delicious breakfast!

Discover more about Ft. Worth here or more about Sundance Square here.

Be sure to check out Robyne’s Blog here!

Stay Fancy! <3 Hollie

*Room was provided by Etta’s Place, but all opinions are mine.

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